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Couples Therapy

Do you want to feel more connected to your partner? Relationships can be extremely rewarding and immensely challenging. You may be coming to therapy in a state of despair and doubt. Through couples therapy, we can work to strengthen connection and understanding in your relationship. We do this by learning to turn towards partners rather than turning away. There will be discussion about relational patterns that exist in the relationship, in addition to each individuals' history. Couples can then learn to take accountability in seeing how they are maintaining healthy and unhealthy aspects of the relationship. It IS possible to find your way back to each other and restore the relational foundation!

Areas I can help you and your partner address:

  • Relationship Dissatisfaction

  • Communication 

  • Lack of Intimacy

  • Intercultural Concerns

  • Polyamorous and Non-monogamy 

  • Parenting Styles

  • Lifestyle Differences

  • Infidelity/Affairs

  • Trust 

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