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Sex Therapy


I help clients embrace their sexual selves by better understanding the interconnectedness of their mind, body and emotions.  Whether you are trying to find comfort and clarify in your own sexuality or improving your sexual relationship with a partner, sex therapy can help! Sexuality is an essential part of being human, yet is often the last part of ourselves that we choose to seek help with. Through exploring unhelpful beliefs, unrealistic pressures, and inaccurate information, you can find confidence and satisfaction in your sexual self and/or sexual relationship.

Areas that I can help you address:​

  • Disconnected Sex 

  • Desire

  • Arousal

  • Non-monogamy/Open Relationships

  • Polyamory 

  • Painful Sex

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Sexual Dysfunction

    • lubrication issues, orgasm difficulty, pelvic pain

    • pre-mature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile difficulties

  • Sexual Health and Medical Issues

  • Gender Identity

  • Sex Education

*LGBTQIA+, Poly and Kink Affirming 

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